Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Grow Greener Together Innovation Challenge?

Nobian’s Grow Greener Together Innovation Challenge was launched to solicit innovative start-ups and scale-ups to collaborate with Nobian. By exploiting our synergies, we can transform challenges into impactful opportunities!

What if my solution applies to multiple challenges?

That is a plus as it means that your solution is very relevant, please make sure to indicate this in your application. However, there is no need to apply multiple times as all applications will be reviewed by the Nobian Innovation Team.

How does the selection work?

During the first selection round, applications are reviewed by experts from Nobian and Unknown Group. The most promising ones will be invited for an interview to further assess the solution and explore what a collaboration or partnership with Nobian could look like. Following the interviews, the most innovative companies will be invited to an in-person event to meet with senior leadership, and receive industry advice and access.

How many start-ups will be selected?

We take a common sense approach to the selection, which means that the decision on the number of selected companies will be driven by how realistic a collaboration with Nobian is, and how innovative the solutions are. The maximum number of companies participating in the final event will be about 15.

Who will judge the applicants and select the finalists?

At the final event, the relevant businesses and the open innovation team from Nobian will review the applications and select the finalists. Unknown Group will facilitate the process.

When is the application deadline?

The application window will close on September 4th, 2022 11:59 PM (Central European Time).

If I don’t have a working prototype, can I still apply?

Yes, your application will still be accepted. However, it is preferred that you have a validated concept and/or a working prototype. Please be sure to describe where you are in the process of developing a working prototype and the associated challenges that you are facing.

What are the Terms & Conditions?

The Terms & Conditions can be found here.

Is an interview necessary during the selection process?

Yes, once the application window closes, we will shortlist and contact the applicants to arrange interviews. The goal is to discuss your company and solution(s) in more detail and to determine a potential fit for a collaboration with Nobian.

Do we have to submit all of the files requested?

Yes, all of the files requested on the application will be reviewed and are required for a complete submission.

Are finalists guaranteed investment with Nobian or Unknown Group?

No, the finalists are not guaranteed investments from Nobian or Unknown Group. The primary goal for us is to initiate a joint collaboration. Finalists will therefore not receive a cash award but rather a collaboration prize.

When should I expect to find out if I am a finalist? And in case I have not made it?

We will notify you by email if you have made it to the shortlist at the end of September, but also when you did not make it. The exact date will be communicated after the application deadline.